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Frequently Asked Questions


You seem to have a lot of BMWs and VWs, why?


We find that these vehicles are better made with less overall body repairs needed throughout the life of the car. They seem to be very rust resistant which is important when you live in a salt and snow area like here.

So, do you only service BMWs and VWs?


No, we promote these services more because there are very few smaller shops that work on BMWs or VWs, most people are forced to go to a dealership for even the smallest services, but we pride ourselves on being able to service all vehicles; no matter the make, model or year. 

Do you only work on vehicles that you have sold?


No, our roots are in repair and we have branched out into other areas of the automotive industry. We are happy to schedule services for anyone, no matter where your vehicle is from.

I didn't see the service I needed on my vehicle, do you do... ?


We do many more services than were practical to list. You can schedule an "other service" in Services and Scheduling tab or call us at 315-737-0639 with any questions you might have.

Do you sell tires?


Yes. We sell tires and many automotive accessories like windshield wipers, windshield washer fluid and air fresheners.

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